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AktNow features a communications platform which allow users to send online faxes to third parties, (such as elected officials).  Users agree that this system does not guarantee delivery or receipt of such faxes, but rather that AktNow will make at least five attempts to deliver such faxes to their intended recipient.  AktNow is not responsible for failure of intended recipients to have fax machines in proper working order.  Users agree that by paying for fax service, they are paying for AktNow's attempts at delivery only. 

Privacy & Security: (AktNow) is a campaign hosting and advocacy engine which allows individuals to use its software to create and host campaigns, to forward them to individuals in their own contact lists, as well as use the option of renting from AktNow's database of opt-in names to further their campaign's success.  It is the nature of such campaigns that a large percentage of recipients will "forward" them to individuals within their own contact lists.  This is at the sole discretion of the recipient and not the result of spam on the part of AktNow.

AktNow collects aggregate information regarding what areas of our site users may access, as well as individual information volunteered by the user, such as contact and campaign participation information.  Such information is the property of the creator of said campaigns as well as AktNow.  The information collected is used to improve the content of our site, to notify users about updates, and may also be used by us or partnering organizations for promotional purposes.  Users should also know that information gathered as a result of campaign participation may also be made public, depending on the nature of the campaign, (such as with petitions).

AktNow reserves the right to amend its policies at any time for any reason.  Given that new unanticipated uses for information may develop which have not been disclosed in our privacy statement, our practices may change from time to time.  AktNow will post such changes to our policies at that time in this section of our site.  This privacy policy applies to AktNow only and has no application to individuals and/or organizations that may use our service.

All users have the opportunity to subscribe to our free newsletter and additionally may unsubscribe at any time.  This will not however remove records of any campaign participation.

AktNow employs the use of cookies to store visitor's preferences, track and target user interests and other session information that may be necessary to provide better service to returning visitors of our site.

AktNow may contain links to various external sites and is not responsible for either the content and/or privacy policies of those sites.  We encourage users to observe the relevant privacy policies of those sites before continuing in their use.

While we endeavor to monitor the contents of campaigns created by our users as well as any associated discussion groups, blogs or forums, AktNow is not liable for any offenses, damages, injuries or legal infractions that may be caused as a result an individual's and/or organization's use of our product.  AktNow operates as a tool to enhance the ability of average citizens to express their opinions and, as such, we do not generate content.

All users are given the option of participating in discussion groups, blogs and/or forums regarding various campaigns and should understand that the contents of the same are accessible to the public.  AktNow reserves the right to use such public content for its own marketing purposes.

Regarding security, whenever AktNow transfers and/or receives certain types of sensitive information, (such as financial information), users will be directed to a secure server.  We take every precaution to protect our user's information both on and offline. 

These policies are subject to change.  However, your use of the site constitutes acceptance of such amended terms at the time of such use.


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We reserve the right to disclose information that is collected from your activity on our site, and you hereby agree to said disclosure upon registration.  Such disclosure may include, but not be limited to, instances of abusive, threatening or illegal communications.

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