About Us

What is AktNow?

AktNow is a non-partisan advocacy platform that helps you to leverage the awesome power of the Internet to connect with thousands of other people who share your views and make a difference!

Our Goal:

To be the most effective and easy to use tool for you to impact the things you care about. 

We make is simple for the average person to create and host a petition campaign, as well as offer additional features that help make your campaign a success.

AktNow is different.

AktNow is unlike any other activism site on the Internet. It's not liberal or conservative, Republican or Democrat - it's your unbiased tool to advance YOUR cause - and make it easy for thousands of others to join in.

It provides a platform for YOUR views and enables you to turn the Internet into your campaign headquarters.  We make it easy!

Get started.

You can begin by browsing the campaigns on our site and joining those you wish to support.  Or you can take it to the next level and start your own campaign right now!  It's EASY and it's FREE!

Start making a difference today!


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