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AktNow lets your supporters "donate their status" to your campaigns

Are you looking for a way to leverage more from your campaign’s supporters?

Voters are constantly asked by campaigns to donate their money and time.  But how about asking them to donate something that doesn’t cost a thing – but is incredibly valuable to your campaign!

Our new “Donate Your Status” application helps you do just that!

It allows supporters to automatically "donate" their Facebook or Twitter status updates over a designated period of time, making it easier for them to spread the word about your campaign.  Once a user gives permission, our application will automatically post messages to their profiles on their behalf during the course of your campaign.

(Contact us about getting yours!)

All you have to do is designate the custom message you want to promote and how often it should post!

Social networks have power:

  • Over 40% of Americans have a Facebook account - and half of them log on to Facebook every day!
  • Social network sites now account for over 22% of all time Americans spend online!
  • The Average Facebook user has 130 friends - friends that see their status updates and could be getting messages about your campaign!
  • Over 17 million Americans have Twitter accounts - and Twitter users are twice as active and likely to share links as those on other networks.  Put them to work for you!

A recent Zogby poll found that more Americans trust information from friends on social networks than traditional media outlets.  And since your information will be referred by their friends, they are more likely to engage with your campaign.

Our application provides a “one click” solution that makes it easy for your supporters to automatically leverage the power of their social networks on behalf of your campaign!

And since our application runs as an I-fram “widget” on your own site (or Facebook tab!), your supporters can get the same code and run it on other websites too!

Here's an example:

Let your supporters donate something besides just money and time.

Click here to contact us about a "Donate Your Status" application for you campaign today.

Use our new KwikPush campaign pages for quick, viral messaging

Do you need to get the word out QUICK about something important?

Want to create a VIRAL RAPID RESPONSE to the opposition?  Or a quick, FYI PAGE for your supporters to share?  We've got you covered!

Our new KwikPush campaigns offer you a "kwik" one-page solution to "push" your message.

(Click here to see a live demo!)

Simply plug in your content (such as a fact sheet) and any images or videos...  add the messages that you want your supporters to share with their friends... pick your theme colors... and add a "#hashtag" that you can use to track your campaign and any "more information" links you want to provide at the bottom.

All on one quick setup page.

That's it!  KwikPush does the rest by integrating your #hashtag and a short URL linking back to the site - so every link sent out by your supporters generates more traffic back to your KwikPush site.  And supporters can easily share it via embedded Twitter, Facebook, Google and email links.

It's a "kwik" and easy way to "push" your message!

Click here and visit our live demo.  Then contact us and let us know how we can help!

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