AktNow Services

Here's a list of some of the highlights of AktNow services.  Click through the links to find our more information on how we can help!

Online Campaigns

Create your own online petitions, pledges, boycotts and more!  Take advantage of our easy setup and viral promotion tools to have an impact on the things you care about!

Mobile Applications

Need an affordable dynamic, custom mobile app for your organization, campaign, or website that runs on both i-Phone and Android?  Looking to be able to keep users engaged with push notifications?  Want to be able to easily make changes on the fly 24/7/365?  We can make it happen! 


A game-style engine for viral social marketing that runs on pre-existing social networks.  It’s a tool that helps you leverage your supporters’ social networks on behalf of your campaign, allows them to compete against each other in the process, and helps you reward activity.


Need a quick, viral way to "push" your message?  KwikPush campaigns offer an easy, one-page solution!

Donate Your Status

Make it easy for your supporters to leverage their social networks on your behalf.  Our "Donate your status" app makes it possible!

Custom Campaign Sites

We now offer a customized version of our campaign tools - from online campaigns, petitions, widgets and more - with customized themes and URLs to look like a seamless extension of your own website.


What's Next?

Check out the AktNow blog for more details on what we're up to and what's coming in the future!

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